Bain Capital’s Tech Venture Arm Is Steering Clear of AI Startups

“I think that’s earlier stage, more risky venture capital,” Bain Capital Tech Opportunities partner Darren Abrahamson said. “We were born to sit in between our venture effort and our large-cap private equity effort, and sort of fill that gap for later-stage companies.”

The fund focuses on four primary verticals: application software, infrastructure and cybersecurity, fintech and payments, and health-care IT.

“What we’re looking for is established businesses, often founder-owned and -led who have reached some scale and are looking for not just capital, but support to help get them to the next level,” Abrahamson said in an interview with Caroline Hyde on Bloomberg TV.

The fund, which launched a dedicated team based in Europe, looks for founders worldwide, he said.

“Only one of our portfolio companies is actually from the Bay Area,” Abrahamson said. “Our job is to go find those founders, and often they’re not in places you might expect, but they’re building phenomenal businesses under the radar. And eventually we’ll get to a size and scale

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